Miami Beach Police Pursuit Of Stolen Car Ends With 15-Year-Old In Custody

CBS4's Ted Scouten spoke with Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber about the incident. Read more:

Video Transcript

- Stunning video as we watch this black Cadillac, using Lummus Park as a roadway, fleeing from police after it was flagged as stolen.

DAN GELBER: That was outrageous and frightening, and I don't think there's any other explanation for it.

- Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber was horrified watching video of that car racing down a closed Ocean Drive as people drove out of the way and ran for cover.

DAN GELBER: We don't want all of the mishigas, as they say, that it's going on right now in our city. We don't want people coming here to do anything they want to do. We don't want them violating our laws because they think that's acceptable.

- Visitors were shocked, too.

EMANI ROBINSON: I really felt horrified for the people on the street. The people in the car had no cares for no one's life.

- That kid in the car? Police say he's 15-year-old Jeffrey Shick, visiting from Lehigh Acres. He's accused of crashing into another car at 6th and Washington, then trying to run. You can tell by his booking photo it was a rough takedown.

- And this isn't just a 15-year-old operating a vehicle, going for a joyride. There was a loaded firearm on that driver's seat, underneath him, with an extended magazine in it.

- And get a look at this guy. He's 18-year-old Isariel Delestre. Police say he was behind the wheel at one point and hit an officer.

- He needs to be held accountable. He was on a residential area of Miami Beach and he chose to hit a uniformed police officer, who was on a motorcycle, with a vehicle. He has no regard for public safety.


- There have been several shocking incidents in Miami Beach recently, including this shooting caught on camera, and tourists robbed in broad daylight. As spring break begins, expect to see lots of police, whether it's patrolling the beach, rolling around the park, or on foot on the street.

DAN GELBER: We've got to let people know that if they're coming here because they think anything goes, they've got to be mistaken. They've got to go somewhere else, because this is just wholly unacceptable.