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All week long, the Miami Herald Editorial Board stays on top of the news and works to make sense about what’s happening around us.

Protests calling for an end to Cuba’s communist regime; the assassination of Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moïse; the unimaginable loss of life in Surfside, Florida. And COVID just won’t go away.

It’s a lot to process.

But after we do, we seek out and listen to others who are actively involved in these issues. That way, we are better able to reach informed conclusions to bolster our editorial opinions.

The Miami Debate is the Herald’s latest newsletter, delivered to your inbox every Saturday. It offers thoughtfully curated pieces of opinion journalism, from editorials to readers’ letters, to help better inform your own opinions.

Here’s what The Miami Debate gives you each week:

A curated digest of sharp analysis and fresh insights from our editorial writers and staff columnists.

Commentary from guest op-ed writers — from Miami, South Florida and beyond.

A featured letter from a reader.

A look at what we’re anticipating in the following week.

And who else is behind the Editorial Board’s newsletter? Amy Driscoll, deputy editorial page editor; writers Luisa Yanez and Isadora Rangel; and Lauren Costantino, the Board’s audience engagement producer. We are thrilled to have a new way to connect with our audience.

Unlike our talented colleagues who report the news, we on the Editorial Board are biased. We do recommend for whom you should vote. We do tell you what we think is good for this community — or an outrage. That’s what we do.

And you, through letters, phone calls and social media posts, tell us what you think about what we think.

Engaging with you is important to us, and The Miami Debate is a busy two-way street. We invite you to meet us there.

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