Miami Leaders Make Their Pitch To Host 2026 World Cup Final

CBS4's Mike Cugno shares the message from Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Commissioner Jeffrey Watson and Inter Miami Managing Owner Jorge Mas.

Video Transcript

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: All new at 5 o'clock, the push to host the next World Cup is on. Today, city officials pushed to host those games here in South Florida in the year 2026. CBS4's Mike Cugno joins us with the details. Mike.

MIKE CUGNO: Well, Miami once again is pushing to be in the center of attention, and this time it's for the world's largest sporting event. On the steps of City Hall, local leaders announced they want Miami to be one of 10 host cities in the United States when the World Cup comes to North America in 2026.

JORGE MAS: Today it's about Miami 2026.

MIKE CUGNO: The bid for Miami to host World Cup games has been announced. City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, commissioner Jeffrey Watson, and Inter Miami managing owner Jorge Mas joined World Cup liaison for Miami Christopher Corey at City Hall this afternoon.

CHRISTOPHER COREY: Our facilities, our airports are all world class, and that's our style here in Miami. And although our influence is from all over the world, that diversity is united here in this sport. And Miami, we're united in our bid to bring the World Cup home to Miami.

MIKE CUGNO: Miami has hosted big matches like El Classico in the past.

- And he will lead Real Madrid out here at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

MIKE CUGNO: So the committee isn't just dead set on bringing the games to Hard Rock Stadium. They want the finale as well.

FRANCIS SUAREZ: We want to host the finals, and that's in part what we're here to say, tell it to the world. We want to be the center of the universe for soccer.

JEFFREY WATSON: This is tantamount to having maybe four Super Bowls at one time. 600 million people around the globe follows soccer. And as far as I'm concerned, it's a great thing for Miami.

MIKE CUGNO: 14 US cities are in the pool. 10 will be selected some time at the end of the year, but that could be fluid because of the pandemic.

Now, 60 of the 80 games will be played in the United States. The other 20 will be divided between Canada and Mexico. Eliott, back to you

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: I feel like we're the perfect place for this, Mike.

MIKE CUGNO: Why not? Sun's shining. Everyone loves soccer down here. Put it in Hard Rock Stadium. El Classico was an awesome event here. I don't see why the World Cup finale wouldn't do just as well if obviously not better.

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, looking forward to it. Mike, thanks a lot.