Miami Lighthouse For The Blind Holds Easter Egg Hunt

CBS4 Photojournalist Rafael Murciano shares how the kids were able to take part in the tradition thanks to a special device.

Video Transcript

- All new, now, at 5:30, the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired Children held its Easter egg hunt today.

- Our photojournalist Rafael Marciano shows us how they were able to take part in the tradition with the help of a special device.

VIRIGINA JACKO: We are so grateful to the Police Benevolent Association. They're putting on an Easter egg hunt for our young ones. These Easter eggs, they beep. And isn't it fitting if you have a blind child that they have a beeping Easter egg? Yay!

SHELDON MOHAMMED: As our bomb technicians, we put together the beeping eggs. I know that the joy of a kid will spread to adults so that everyone is having a great time.

- Let's go. Yeah, this is a wonderful experience. The girls are having a lot of fun. Amy is enjoying looking around, and Emily is actually doing virtual school. So this is cool for her to be able to see her friends in person. Amy does have a visual impairment, so this has been very awesome for her to be able to see the large, colored eggs and hear the noise.

VIRIGINA JACKO: These are children ages four, five, six. And they're here with their parents to begin celebrating the season of Easter and Passover.

- You got one?

VIRIGINA JACKO: You can see, with the Easter Bunny and with these children, it's a time of happiness.

- Everybody, look here. Say "chicken!"

- Chicken!