Miami Mayor Francis Suarez To Bring In Extra Security To Miami Beach In Hopes Of Chaos-Free Weekend

Miami mayor Francis Suarez announced Friday security plans for the upcoming weekend in hopes for the chaotic South Beach events to not repeat.

Video Transcript

JIM BERRY: Mayor Francis Suarez announced the security plans for the upcoming weekend. He wants to ensure that the chaos which broke out on South Beach does not spill over into Miami.

FRANCIS SUAREZ: We will also not tolerate any kind of rowdy behavior. Breaking personal property, hurting people, lawlessness-- that's not going to be tolerated in the city of Miami. And we just want people to know that this is not going to be something that will create national headlines.

JIM BERRY: Additional police officers have been brought in to work this weekend. And Miami Police are working with Miami Beach and Miami-Dade Police to coordinate a number of road closures.