Miami, meet Haley and Hanna. They’re big-time TikTok stars (and play basketball, too)

Miami is going to going to be seeing double soon.

On Thursday, Fresno State’s basketball-playing twins Haley and Hanna Cavinder announced they were taking their talents to the University of Miami.

Coach Katie Meier called the identical athletes “huge pieces for our program.”

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Expect great things from these 21-year-old transfers, on and off the court. The gorgeous guards are bona fide social media stars, with a major presence on the Internet. They have millions of followers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok combined.

We have a feeling our town (hello, South Beach) is going to be highlighted greatly on the incoming Hurricanes’ future timelines. The Cavinders’ popular choreographed routines in bikinis should mix nicely with our sun-kissed backdrop.

On the day of the big announcement, the women posed in halter tops, mouthing, “Hey, yo! Commit check!” (TikTok translation: Check this out). Then a picture of them in Hurricanes jersey popped up.

“God is so good!” said the caption. “Can’t wait for the next chapter.”

The Cavinders definitely see the move as a win-win.

“You can tell the type of culture that was built [at Miami] through Coach Katie,” Hanna said. “We can’t wait to join the team and be a part of it.”

“When we got on campus, there was just a vibe and a feeling you get when you know it is the right decision,” Haley added. “Being able to share this dream with Hanna and being able to go to Miami together is amazing.”

The South Bend, Indiana, natives have a Florida connection, too.

Dad Tom played hoops for Nova Southeastern University.

So how are fans going to tell which one is which, beside their jersey numbers? That may be tough. Even their former coach at Fresno State, Jaime White, admitted she often got confused.

“I can tell them apart when they’re in street clothes and when I’m looking directly at them but if I’m trying to explain a play and in my peripheral, I see one of them,” she told Fresno’s local station ABC30 in 2019. “I usually just don’t say their names. I just go, ‘and..’ and I’ve gotta look directly at them to make sure I know who I’m talking about.”