A Miami Middle School Custodian Received The Surprise Of A Lifetime Tuesday

CBS4 Photojournalist Luis Zabala shares Alonzo Henly's story.

Video Transcript

- A Miami middle school custodian received the surprise and honor of a lifetime today. He was chosen from over 2,000 nominees as the grand-prize winner of Tennant Company's Custodians Are Key awards program.

- In the case of Alonzo Henly, he arrives at Brownsville Middle every day four hours early and serves as a mentor in the 5000 Role Models program. CBS4 photojournalist Luis Zabala was there for the special call to the principal's office.

MARCUS MILLER: Hey, 66, can you help me out in the courtroom, please?

ALONZO HENLY: On my way.

MARCUS MILLER: Time to go.

- We're actually here to reward Alonzo Henly as part of our Custodians Are Key program. We want to recognize custodians that, obviously, do their job, but go above and beyond that. And Alonzo was the finalist and the winner of over 2,000 nominees throughout North American and Canada.


ALONZO HENLY: Oh my gosh. When he nominated me, I was elated. [CHUCKLES] And it just, you know, let me know the hard work that I put in is finally being, you know, rewarded.

DAVID GALARCE: We got a gentleman like you who starts at a certain time but is here way before that to service all of us.

MARCUS MILLER: He goes above and beyond his job responsibilities. You know, his job is to make sure that we have a safe, clean learning environment. And for him to do things like arriving four hours early every day to ensure that his students are on his-- his 5000 Role Models are on time, in uniform, and does a mental check with making sure that they're ready to learn, does a great job. And we're blessed to have him.

DAVID GALARCE: It's people like you that comes in-- and you have the moral skill and the moral will.

ALONZO HENLY: She told me-- she said--


ALONZO HENLY: --oh, you got this.

ELLIE LASSITER: I said-- I said, it's not even a question. You the best-- he's the most deserving person ever.

ALONZO HENLY: Because of the love that I have, that's why I do it.

MARCUS MILLER: We have many dads that are absent. And Mr. Henly does a great job of standing in the gap, making sure that they have what they need in order to succeed.

ALONZO HENLY: I was taught from my dad, you know, do it from the heart. You know, good things come to you in due time. And this is one of those good things, and I appreciate it.

- Henly is the second winner of the Custodians Are Key campaign. And for his dedication, Brownsville Middle School will receive $10,000, while he takes home a $5,000 prize package.

- Wow.