A Miami model posed in front of her papa’s open casket. Some people didn’t click ‘like’

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@Jenny_Riveraa Instagram screengrab

A Miami influencer and Only Fans model mourning the death of her father may have taken things too far the other day.

It’s unclear who initially found the Instagram post of Jayne Rivera, posing on Monday in front of the man’s casket during a funeral service, but once it spread the following day, people had opinions.

In two pictures, the woman with the now deleted Instagram handle @jayne_riveraa wears a revealing black one-shoulder blazer dress and tights. She is seen praying in one photo, and standing in front of the flag-draped coffin in the other. The background shows the hands of the dearly departed clasped in the casket.

“Butterfly, fly away. RIP, papa,” said Rivera’s caption. “You were my best friend. A life well lived.”

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Under Texas writer Mac McCann’s widely shared repost of the Instagram casket shots, many commenters expressed how appalled they were by the macabre nature of the shoot, her sexy outfit and blatant lack of sensitivity.

“Instagram model, YouTube celebrity. Very 2010 of me to wish that these things didn’t exist...People in other countries scrounging for scraps and we make people famous just by clicking ‘like’ a million times.”

“How to make someone else’s funeral all about you.”

“Taking photos at a funeral isn’t the bad part, it’s the thirst traps in front of a casket. An open casket.”

Still others couldn’t refrain from taking a shot at the state from which Rivera hails, saying such inappropriate behavior was par for the course in Florida.

“This explains everything,” jabbed another.

At least one person was more sensitive to the situation and gave the poser the benefit of the doubt: “As sad and mentally distorted as this whole thread is I’m trying to remember someone died. Someone get this girl some help.”

After the backlash, Rivera’s Instagram account has disappeared. But according to her website, www.jaynerivera.com, Rivera is also huge on TikTok. That account with more than 307,000 followers is still active, without the funeral content.