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Whether you are a newly arrived tech bro, a New Yorker who wanted more sunshine in their life, a transplant from South America or the Caribbean, a snowbird or just someone who finally realized that Miami is where it’s at, the Magic City is glad you are here. Well, assuming you don’t add to our terrible traffic woes, push the rents sky high, take up all the tables in the restaurants and expect everything here to be just like where you are moving from.

Magic City Survival Guide is a free email newsletter from to help you navigate the 305 whether you’re a newbie or a longtime local.

Miami is its own thing. It’s hard to nail down. It’s a city that feels international and like a small town at the same time. It’s a city that has survived hurricanes, booms and busts, giant African snails and decades of construction on every single expressway at the same time.

So now that you are here, your friends at want to help you understand the enigma that is Miami. We will help keep you in the know about the latest restaurant openings. Then we will tell you which restaurants locals actually like. We will give you info on the latest big events, from Carnival to Calle Ocho to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival to the new permanent art installation SuperBlue. We will give you information on what’s cool to do in Miami’s many destination neighborhoods.

Magic City Survival Guide will also remind you of the many things that make Miami unique, from the way we clean to the way we feel about coffee to the way we honor anyone that reps Miami super hard. (We will defend Pitbull all day long.) So if you are new to Miami, or even if you are a local and want to explore what’s new and cool in your hometown, we are here to help.

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