Miami Police Officer Joe McCrink Leads Team In 'Coast To Coast' Memorial Bike Ride

Nearly two dozen Miami police officers left Bayfront Park early Friday morning on a 120-mile memorial bike ride across the state to raise money for the Police Officer Assistance Trust. Read more:

Video Transcript

KARLI BARNETT: A show of support for the family of a fallen officer. Nearly two dozen officers peddle across the state to raise money to help families like his. Officers are raising money for the Police Officers Assistance Trust.

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: And this is not the first time they've done something like this to raise money for a great cause. CBS4's Brooke Shafer has their story.

- Before the sun came up on Friday morning, these 20 or so Miami Police officers were gearing up for a bike ride with a purpose.

FREDDIE CRUZ: 110 plus miles. There's wind, there's a little bit of rain, but it doesn't matter.

- 110 plus miles, from Bayfront Park in downtown Miami to Naples Beach. This group of officers biking from coast to coast, all in one day, to raise money for the Police Officers Assistance Trust.

- Woo-hoo!

JOE MCCRINK: Well, we're all part of the bicycle response team, the BRT, and when I came up with this idea, I went to the members, and I said, hey, guys I'm going to do this bike ride. Who wants to do it with me, and everybody raise their hand.

- Officer Joe McCrink led Friday's group. He's done major bike rides like this before, like this one last September, where he trained and biked a combined 1,000 miles for the Live Like Bella organization. On Friday morning, for the first time ever, this group of officers planned to donate all the money raised in honor of one of their fallen officers.

JOE MCCRINK: This is a challenge. It's going to be 110, 111 miles of-- AJ is up above right now, and he's making that wind blow.

- AJ, Miami Police officer Aubrey Johnson died last fall after an injury to his right leg. He was just 28 years old. His mom was at Bayfront Park, Friday morning, to send off the officers who are helping to keep her son's legacy alive.

DELORIS JOHNSON: He was just a loving, kind, giving son. He loved his job. He loved kids.

FREDDIE CRUZ: I know they're watching over us, and, you know, this is a beautiful event.

- In Miami, I'm Brooke Shafer, CBS4 News.