Michael Bloomberg says his money is why Trump got impeached

Kathryn Krawczyk
·1 min read

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been rising through the Democratic primary race, most likely because of the absolutely massive amount of money he's poured into it. And at a Chattanooga, Tennessee rally on Wednesday, the billionaire made it clear just what that money can do, Politico reports.

"In 2018, I helped flip the House" by bankrolling 21 Democratic challengers who eventually won Republican-held seats, Bloomberg said Wednesday. That led House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to return to her role at the top of the legislative body, and "let Pelosi and the House do what the Constitution says they should do — hold the president accountable," Bloomberg continued. "They started the impeachment process but it all came from that."

Yes, Bloomberg, who has never held national political office, is now claiming he's the reason impeachment happened. It's likely just his latest attempt at using his financial superiority to get under President Trump's skin — as if the millions of dollars worth of TV and social media ads he's purchased weren't enough.

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