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    Richard Cranium.
    And how does a lawyer from New York influence a national election? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Well, if his crdibility could get any lower, it just did. How does a lawyer no one even knew a few months ago "influence an election". Does that even sound like something Trump would say or is it more what Mueller would want him to say while threatening him with life in prison? This from a lawyer who took an oath to not divulge information about his client. It is offical, no one will care what he is convicted of or what he says after such an unsubtle declaration.
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    Riding Free
    Nice try.
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    Tommy D
    Hey Michael, would you influence the election for me. Is that what President Trump said. That does need to be investigated.
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    SyPhilis Diller
    There is a difference between "influencing an election" and "illegally influencing an election".
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    That's exactly what a campaign does....influence election for a vote
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    “Welcome to Lessons for Libs. Cohen was facing 65 years in prison. He pled to about 5 years. To get that deal from Mueller, what would you be willing to say”.
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    When someone places an advertisement to promote themselves they are attempting to influence people.
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    composing is not one of Cohen's strengths, i influenced the election, i voted for Trump...
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    Spirit of Steve
    I legally influenced the election by voting and voting for Trump! MAGA