Michael Cohen says Trump won't give Giuliani '2 cents' to help his ex-attorney pay his mounting legal bills

Michael Cohen MSNBC
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  • Michael Cohen in an MSNBC interview discussed Rudy Giuliani's legal woes.

  • He predicted that Trump wouldn't be helping Giuliani pay his mounting legal bills.

  • Both Cohen and Giuliani got embroiled in legal troubles working as Trump's personal attorney.

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Michael Cohen predicted that Rudy Giuliani would get "stiffed" by Donald Trump amid reports that Giuliani's seeking financial help from the former president to help him pay hefty legal bills.

In an interview with MSNBC's Joy Reid Friday, Cohen was asked about recent reports that allies of Giuliani have asked the former president to help Giuliani financially as he faces lawsuits and a federal investigation.

According to reports, Giuliani has had to lay off members of his personal staff as his legal woes mount.

"He's going to get stiffed. All right?" Cohen said, adding that Trump "does not pay legal bills."

"Nor does he learn from his previous mistakes, which is the same exact thing that he did to me," Trump's former lawyer added. "He doesn't care about anyone or anything other than himself."

Both Cohen and Giuliani worked as Trump's personal attorney and became embroiled in legal troubles as a consequence of the role.

Trump dispatched Giuliani to search for damaging information about Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in Ukraine in 2019. Federal investigators have raided Giuliani's offices and apartment as part of their probe into whether he was working on behalf of Ukrainians in the push for dirt on the Bidens.

Giuliani also led Trump's bid to overturn the result of last year's presidential election and faces two multi-billion dollar lawsuits from voting machine companies Dominion and Smartmatic for groundlessly claiming that they flipped millions of votes.

Giuliani has denied any allegations of wrongdoing in Ukraine and has said he welcomes the lawsuits as they'll provide an opportunity to further investigate the election machine companies.

Cohen was formerly one of the most trusted members of Trump's inner circle and was jailed in 2019 for lying to Congress and financial crimes relating to hush money payoffs to two women who claimed they had affairs with Trump.

He has turned on his former boss, and in a memoir, last year alleged that Trump is a racist and conman who has committed tax and financial crimes.

Trump has denied Cohen's claims and claims he is a serial liar.

In the interview, Friday Cohen claimed that Trump had abandoned him when he got into legal trouble and would do the same to Giuliani. He welcomed the former New York City mayor to the "under the bus club."

"He thought Donald Trump was going to pay him $140,000 a day. He has a better chance of sling-shooting himself to the moon," Cohen said.

"It's impossible. Donald Trump wouldn't pay him two cents," he continued. "His feeling is, it is an honor and a privilege to go to prison for him, to do his dirty work."

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