Michael Fassbender to star in Lionsgate's 'Malko' spy thriller

Michael Fassbender is set to play the spy Malko Linge, created by Gérard de Villiers.

Michael Fassbender -- who plays Magneto in the "X-Men" film franchise -- is set to produce and star in the action movie, "Malko." The news comes as Lionsgate has secured international rights to the "SAS" series of espionage novels written by the French author, Gérard de Villiers, between 1965 and 2013.

Over the course of almost 50 years, Gérard de Villiers wrote some 200 thrillers until his death in 2013, selling up to 150 million copies worldwide. The hero of his "SAS" franchise, Malko Linge, is a CIA operative and an Austrian nobleman.

Variety reports that Michael Fassbender is set to play Malko Linge, who, after spending his formative years in a Nazi camp for captured spies, now lives in his castle in Liezen, Austria, and carries out missions all over the world.

This first movie, with a screenplay by Eric Warren Singer ("American Hustle"), will be based on book 29 in the "SAS" series, "Checkpoint Charlie," published in 1975.

Before seeing the actor in this latest role, fans can catch Michael Fassbender in Simon Kinberg's "X-Men: Dark Phoenix," in theaters now.