Michael Jackson was 'into women' and 'Leaving Neverland' doc is untrue, claims former bodyguard

Amy West
Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard Bill Whitfield has claimed the singer was “definitely into women” despite claims made in explosive HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ (PA)

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard has claimed that the singer was “into women” and the accusations made against him in controversial Channel 4 and HBO documentary Leaving Neverland are untrue, claims his former bodyguard.

Talking on the Hidden Truth with Jim Breslo podcast, Bill Whitfield revealed that he and the Thriller singer “had enough conversations” to know that Wade Robson and James Safechuck – the two men stating that Jackson abused them as children – are “lying“.

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“Plenty times, we’ve taken some long drives and we talked,” he told the host. “We would talk about women that he found very attractive. I remember a particular time, when we were in DC and I was driving, and he was looking out the window and he said something like, ‘Wow, she is beautiful.’ I looked over and there was a woman standing on the corner.

Whitfield went on to recall how Jackson then got shy when he asked whether he would be interested in meeting the woman they glanced from the car. Despite Jackson’s reluctance, Whitfield described how he made a U-turn, having noticed which way the woman was walking, pulled up and asked her whether she would like to meet the “high-profile celebrity” in the backseat.

According to Whitfield, Jackson was “flabbergasted” but when his security eventually got her number, he spoke to her on a couple of other occasions.

Noticing Whitfield’s reluctance to share whether he’s certain Jackson ever had romantic, or even sexual, experiences with women during the two-and-a-half years that he worked for him, Breslo reiterates that he is “affirmatively coming out [against Robson and Safechuck]…”

“That book wasn’t written to prove something,” Whitfield interjects, referring to his 2014 literary look-back Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days. “I just wanted to share my story. If I tell people that I knew Michael Jackson was not the type of guy to molest children [and they] don’t believe that? Okay. I’m not trying to prove nothing.”

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Whitfield isn’t the only former bodyguard of Jackson’s who has defended him against allegations recently. Matt Fiddes, who worked alongside the King of Pop for ten years, condemned Leaving Neverland for omitting the fact that Robson and Safechuck are suing Jackson’s estate.

Talking on BBC Wiltshire on 19 March, he said: “No one was expecting this year to be anything other that a celebration of his dance and his music, it’s 10 years since his passing.

“I step back and watch what’s going on. Obviously the estate have launched a lawsuit against the broadcasters, and the guys in the programme are suing the estate. That was missed out of the programme and that was the most upsetting part for those who knew Michael as a person.”