Michael Jefferson Arrested In 1985 Murder Of Roger Dean, Cold Case Featured On 'Unsolved Mysteries'

The Douglas County sheriff announced an arrest in a homicide from 36 years ago that was featured on the TV show 'Unsolved Mysteries.' Michael Jefferson, 64, is now charged with murder in the death of Roger Dean, 51, in 1985. The suspect was identified using DNA and genetic genealogy, according to Sheriff Tony Spurlock.

Video Transcript

- Now to Douglas County. Nearly 36 years after a man was killed in his home, there is an arrest. In the case of Roger Dean of Lone Tree was once on the TV show "Unsolved Mysteries."

DNA evidence led investigators to Michael Jefferson in Los Angeles. Now the Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock was a lead detective on this case back in 1985.

TONY SPURLOCK: I've been involved in all of those reviews, so it is very unique in that circumstance. That's what I would call it, is unique. But it is very satisfying to know that we have technology today that we could utilize from evidence that was collected 36 years ago and maintained appropriately and properly.

- Dean was shot five times trying to get away from his house after an intruder broke in.