Michael Schmidt: Hunter Biden legal issues 'far smaller and narrower' than what Republicans allege

House Republicans are making moves on a top agenda item as the Oversight Committee begins its investigation into President Biden’s son Hunter. New York Times Washington Correspondent Michael Schmidt joins Andrea Mitchell to explain how Hunter Biden’s story differs from the narrative Republicans are promoting. “Hunter Biden himself did go out and try to do deals with foreign governments or foreigners and in in did deals in ways that were risky and exposed him to political liability and political liability for his father,” says Schmidt. “The Justice Department has looked at a range of different allegations and accusations and deals that Hunter Biden did. And its concentration, where it believes it may have charges, are on tax and gun issues,” he explains. “Those issues are far smaller and narrower than what the Republicans allege and what they will be presenting in the coming months as they try and make the case that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were basically operating a criminal entity together.”