Michele Bachmann: Obama 'Has a Perpetual Magic Wand and Nobody's Given Him a Spanking Yet'

Back in May, Rep. Michele Bachmann announced she would not be seeking a fifth term in Congress. Her final term is now winding down. So consider her fight against immigration reform her swan song.

And on Monday, in a new series of video interviews with World Net Daily, the Republican from Minnesota gave us something to remember.

The first thing Bachmann tackled was who would get the blame if "amnesty" is passed through Congress. She said House Republicans would risk losing their majority if they took up an immigration bill that contained a pathway to citizenship. Why? Because of President Obama's secret weapon: "I think that the president, even by executive order, could again wave his magic wand before 2014, and he'd say 'Now, all new legal Americans are going to have voting rights.' "

She continued with something of a Republican doomsday scenario:

Why do I say that? He did it in 2012! Do you remember? Anyone who was here as a Latina, under age 30, he said you get to vote! What! He decides you get to vote? If he did it in 2012, no, take it to the bank, he'll do it in 2014. And then guess what'll happen? Democrat in the White House. Democrats controlling the Senate, Democrats controlling the House. At that point, they will change election law. And it will be almost impossible to ever see a Republican majority again.

Presumably, when Bachmann says "Latina" here, she means undocumented people living in the United States, many of whom are, of course, not actually Latina or Latino. The "magic trick" she is referring to (and mischaracterizing) is the president's 2012 executive order that halted the deportation of some undocumented people under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012, and who also came to the U.S. before turning 16. The assumption that Democrats would change election law after gaining control of the House is, well, something totally different.

But there's more.

In another video, the congresswoman says that the president "has a perpetual magic wand and nobody's given him a spanking yet and taken it out of his hand." If it's true that the president has a perpetual magic wand, then he has done a pretty lame job of wielding it. See: second-term agenda (including gun control).

Last but not least, she slightly mixes up her special-power metaphors:

If a bill passes that has a legalization of status in it, you'll see the president, just like Superman does, take his hands like this, open his shirt, and there'll be a big S on it. And President Obama will become the Super Civil Rights Advocate for all the people that have the newly legalization status.

Not to be a stickler, but presumably, if you are Superman, you don't also need to have a magic wand. Unless that magic wand is just to deal with Kryptonite. Which, in this case, would be Congress. OK, so maybe Congress is Superman Obama's Kryptonite. That sounds pretty reasonable, actually.