Michelle Not Amused At Obama’s ‘Selfie’

Michelle Not Amused At Obama’s ‘Selfie’

Johannesburg – US President Barack Obama found himself in the limelight on Tuesday not only for his moving speech at former President Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, but also for his antics in the audience.

A “superpower selfie” taken by Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt attracted some scathing criticism, not least of which, by the looks of things, from First Lady Michelle Obama herself.

An image has emerged of the three heads of state, leaned in and grinning enthusiastically into a smartphone, while Michelle Obama sits straight up in the corner of the frame – lips pursed and staring resolutely ahead.

A later image shows new seating arrangements, this time with Michelle sitting next to the Danish Prime Minister and both Obamas looking appropriately sombre.

Although it seems all was forgiven shortly after when the President got up to leave and Michelle began chatting with Thorning-Schmidt.

Commentators on social media have not been so quick to let the matter go:

“Wasn’t just unruly crowd at #MandelaMemorial. President Obama & David Cameron snapped a selfie together. UK news headline: No Selfie Respect” tweeted @LATimesDixon

“World leaders taking a #selfie … A grim reminder of the world we live in. Have some respect lads!” @hargadan11

“R.I.P Mandela excuse me while I take this selfie at your funeral—Obama” @JillJhorvath
“What selfish morons take a “selfie” at a memorial service?Oh yeah that’s right, Barack Obama and David Cameron’” @TheWheatMeal

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