Michelle Obama just shared a glorious text exchange with her mom from Grammys night

Sam Haysom

Becoming First Lady of the US means a lot of big life changes, but the one thing it apparently doesn't put an end to are wonderfully awkward messages from your mom.

Nothing stops those. Not even becoming a best selling author, or a super popular surprise guest at the Grammys.

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On Wednesday morning, Michelle Obama took to Instagram to share a truly A+ message exchange she'd had with her mom, after appearing at the Awards show on Sunday.

Make sure you swipe on the post below — the second page may be even better than the first...

So many wonderful highlights in that thread that it's hard to pick a winner.

The "real stars" quip is a good one, as is the bluntness of the "No you did not" message. 

But our favourite might be the final, understated "Yeah".

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