Michelob Ultra applauds Chris Jones’ choice of beer with Chiefs fans after Sunday’s win

Screengrab of Clay Wendler Twitter video
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The party started seconds after the Chiefs won a thrilling AFC Divisional playoff game Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, and it was a fun time for players and fans.

Defensive tackle Chris Jones made sure to greet Chiefs fans in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium, and in the process created a special memory for those he greeted.

With fans packed as close as possible to Jones, he grabbed a beer and emptied the contents like “Stone Cold Steve Austin.” This was awesome (video by Clay Wendler):

The name of that beer caught the eye of Michelob Ultra, which tweeted its approval of Jones’ actions.

Could there be another beer moment for Jones? Perhaps, because Jones liked what Michelob Ultra had to say.

Former Chiefs offensive lineman Eric Fisher did something similar during the 51-31 playoff win over the Texans in 2020, and the fans who “sacrificed” their beer were rewarded by Budweiser.

It would be cool if Michelob Ultra followed suit.