Michigan Fans React to Bo Schembechler Allegations

Two Michigan fans call in and give their thoughts on the Bo Schembechler allegations that he kept Dr. Robert Anderson as the team physician after being told by victims of his sexual abuse.

Video Transcript

- Listen, you guys know I'm a huge Michigan fan and I bleed with this, but this is an embarrassment. This is like a black eye. This is worse than Joe Paterno. This is worse than anything you can ever imagine, and we got a black eye that we got to sit there and take over for a very long time. I don't even know if we can even be able to recover.

I know Penn State did a little bit and they're still trying to, but I don't know if Michigan comes back from this. This, to me, is like your best friend just slept with your wife and you got a knife right to the heart, and it hurts that much to see our school, our blue, to be a leader, to do this, leaders of the world.

How are we leaders of the world when we can't even see what's going on in front of our own eyes? And it takes this testifies, and everybody coming out, for us to tell us this is what's been going on, and we're leading a blind eye, and we're supposed to be the leaders and best? Explain that. It's hurtful.

- Martin, thank you for the call. 248-539-9797. Dave in Dearborn, you're next. Hi, Dave.

- Hey guys. You know, I just wanted to say, you know, I think it's-- well, first of all, I have no problem with them renaming, rebranding, taking a statue down. Put a statue of Woodson up, call it the Desmond Howard football building, whatever you want to do. But I think it's hard to compare eras of thinking and moral compasses.

You're talking about a guy that was born in the '20s of the ultimate alpha male of the ultimate macho sport, and in this context of what is being accused and the accusations, it's an aspect of homosexuality and sexual abuse at a time where, who talked about that? I just lost my grandfather in December. He was in his 80s and, you know, the sweetest man in the world, would give you the shirt off his back.

But if you talk to him about things of this nature in this context, you'll get a different weird opinion that doesn't fit today's awokeness and moral compass of the time. So it's a weird thing, and I'm a die hard Michigan fan. This is deeply troubling if true, but I have a hard time under-- you know, I think comparing it to the JoePa situation-- I think Joe, on his deathbed, thought that he did the right thing, thought that he was doing everything.

And today we know that's totally false. Both should have known. JoePa should have known. All these people should have known, but I think that was literally just the culture, and I'm not excusing it. Michigan has reparations to pay. They have a very serious problem that they need to address, and they need to be extremely sympathetic to, but it's hard to put--

- No, Dave, I think what you're saying, there's a lot of truth to it. It helps to explain, perhaps, why things were the way that they were, but it doesn't--