Michigan football stadium becomes vaccine clinic

A few hundred University of Michigan medical professionals and students receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at Michigan Stadium, one of the nation's largest sporting venues (Dec. 31)

Video Transcript

DAVID MILLER: We are here at University of Michigan Stadium, also known as the Big House, where we are establishing our first day of a vaccination program in the stadium for COVID-19.

- Literally did not even feel that.

DAVID MILLER: What became clear is that we needed first a venue with a lot of space, and the stadium met that need. And we need a lot of space because we need to be able to achieve social distancing, both for the team members and community members here to receive the vaccine as well as for our vaccination teams.

SARA MCCREA: It's been great. I got to come in and see this beautiful building. Everybody here has been really friendly, very easy to work with. The process is very quick. There was plenty of parking. I'm happy.