Michigan hospital leaders sound alarms about COVID

Hospital leaders warn that more than 3,000 people are hospitalized with the coronavirus in Michigan, a rate that is doubling every two weeks. (Nov. 12)

Video Transcript

WRIGHT LASSITER III: And so it's very, very clear that we're seeing something different. We're seeing a significant escalation in the community spread of COVID 19 across all portions of Michigan.

BRIAN PETERS: Our hospitals are rapidly filling with COVID patients at a very alarming rate. If this continues in the coming weeks, we will surpass our all-time record high, in terms of COVID inpatient hospitalization numbers here in the state of Michigan.

JOHN FOX: The health care system can capsize if you don't keep it under control. We're ready to dedicate as much as we need to to helping COVID patients, but it's not unlimited. And that's what we all need to be mindful of.