Michigan man builds an ice rink in his yard to bring neighbors together

Catherine Garcia
·1 min read

Whether they want to skate or play hockey, everyone is welcome at Steve Chittle's backyard ice rink.

Chittle lives in Manton, Michigan, and wanted to do something that would lift spirits amid the pandemic. His children don't skate, but that didn't stop Chittle from going through with his idea of building a small ice rink on his property. Once he was finished, he knocked on doors to spread the word, and soon there were neighborhood kids darting around on the ice.

The parents, thrilled that their kids are having fun outside and not on their phones, have chipped in to buy skates and hockey sticks so everyone can enjoy the rink. "We all know that you've got to provide for your kids, but somehow you've got to give them some magic every now and again," Chittle told CBS News. "Just give a kid some magic. It doesn't get any better than that."

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