Microsoft brings the fun of walkie-talkie chit-chat to the workplace

Microsoft to integrate Walkie Talkie tool in Teams

Microsoft's Slack and Skype competitor is bringing a new feature to the workplace platform that turns smartphones into Walkie Talkies.

To better communication between those who are not always situated behind a computer for work, Microsoft will be adding a Walkie Talkie tool to the Teams platform. 

Whether using their own or a work mobile device with Microsoft Teams installed, employees will be able to access the new feature; this prevents employees from having to use shared devices to keep in live contact with one another, a practice that poses a privacy risk to users -- and their customers -- who swap devices between shifts. It prevents other employees from eavesdropping on specific walkie talkie channels and gives each person less to carry around during the day.

As this feature will be built into Teams, it will work over Wi-Fi and cellular data which are both far more reliable and secure than using radio waves.

This is just one of eight new Microsoft Teams features that the company will either preview or begin to roll out during the first half of 2020 targeted at "first line" workers, or people employed by the retail, hospitality, and manufacturing industries.

Companies like Ikea, Mattress Firm, and others who currently utilize Microsoft Teams in their operations and retail facilities will be able to take advantage of this collection of new Teams tools in just a few months.