Microsoft offers Sony 'Call of Duty' deal: WSJ

STORY: Microsoft has offered Sony a 10-year contract for the popular video game 'Call of Duty'.

The deal would make each new release of the title available on PlayStation the same day it comes to Xbox.

That is according to an opinion piece written by a Microsoft executive in the Wall Street Journal on Monday (December 5).

The U.S. tech giant and maker of the Xbox console faces regulatory headwinds over its $69 billion buyout deal for Activision Blizzard - which produces 'Call of Duty'.

Watchdogs in the EU, Britain and the U.S. have all looked into the deal.

Japan's Sony - which makes the rival PlayStation console - has also criticized the buyout, and called for a regulatory veto.

Sony gaming head Jim Ryan in September called Microsoft's earlier offer 'inadequate'.

That would have kept the game series on the PlayStation for three years after its current deal ended.

Reuters reported last month that Microsoft's remedy would consist mainly of a 10-year licensing deal to Playstation-owner Sony.

Microsoft President Brad Smith also said in the Journal piece that not making 'Call of Duty' for the PlayStation would be 'economically irrational'.