Microsoft puts spotlight on Xbox Game Pass at E3

E3, the video game industry's annual spectacular event kicked off this week, and Microsoft is showing up in full force.

The Xbox maker unveiled 30 new titles, including "Halo Infinite," now set for a holiday launch.

Microsoft has an ambitious plan to put out a new game each month through the end of the year for its Game Pass monthly subscription service.

For $9.99 a month, players get access to hundreds of games via Xbox consoles, Android devices and PCs., giving Microsoft access to both hard-core gamers and casual ones.

Sarah Bond is head of Game Creator Experience at Xbox.

"There are three billion gamers on the planet and what we want is for them to play any game with anyone on any device so when you say the word inclusive, that is hitting exactly on what we are working to do is make gaming more accessible."

That's all now made possible through the cloud, making Game Pass key to Microsoft's gaming strategy.

"We really are seeing game creators bring things to Xbox and the world that they never could before and that really is because of the power of the cloud because it makes it possible for smaller teams to make bigger games, it makes it possible for people to play across devices. The power of the cloud and all of the tools and services that come with it are not just enabling new narratives but enabling new experiences."

Other notable releases this year include racing game "Forza Horizon 5"...

as well as "Microsoft Flight Simulator".....a realistic video-game that takes piloting to new digital heights.

Microsoft is hoping to make a big landing at E3 with its software debuts, since it launched the next generation Xbox in November, just in time to capitalize on a surge in demand from gamers stuck at home during the health crisis.

Sony, maker of PlayStation and other gaming gadgets, launched a new console last year, as well to much financial success for the same reason, which means one thing...

competition will be fierce as game makers battle it out for attention at E3, and a bigger piece of the more than $175 billion expected to be up for grabs this year in the global games market.

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