Middle Schooler Launches Space Newsletter To Share Her Passion For Astronomy

WBZ-TV's Jacob Wycoff reports.

Video Transcript

NICK CALOWAY: Pandemic not keeping one middle schooler from following her passion. When her local astronomy club, which she started, oh, by the way, closed, this Westfield seventh grader took matters into her own hands. Jacob, she started her own newsletter about space. It's now celebrating its one-year anniversary?

JACOB WYCOFF: Yes, so that's right, Nick. I had the chance to catch up with this ambitious student who is encouraging people to head outside and to look up.

A fountain of knowledge.

KAITLYNN GOULETTE: My top favorite is the Andromeda galaxy. You can see it with the naked eye.

JACOB WYCOFF: Kaitlynn Goulette could go on for hours about space.

KAITLYNN GOULETTE: I've been to Tennessee to see the great solar eclipse of 2017.

JACOB WYCOFF: But because of the pandemic, Kaitylnn is taking a journey on paper, launching the "Starry Scoop" newsletter.

KAITLYNN GOULETTE: Right now, I have 12 editions, one special edition about comet NEOWISE.

JACOB WYCOFF: In each monthly issue, she documents the upcoming celestial events that'll light up the night sky.

KAITLYNN GOULETTE: I love how there's always new things to look at, and there's always new discoveries 'cause, like, every night the sky is changing, and every second it's changing.

JACOB WYCOFF: Kaitlynn's love for space started at a young age. Trips to Springfield Museum's planetarium and chats with astronaut Cady Coleman have launched her into the orbit she's in now.

KAITLYNN GOULETTE: I've met her a few times, and I definitely look up to her. I would love to be an astronaut. And she kind of followed the path that I would hope to follow one day, and that really inspires me.

JACOB WYCOFF: Well on her way to filling some big shoes.

KAITLYNN GOULETTE: It's never too-- too late to start looking up. We're all underneath the same sky, and it's something that we all share.

NICK CALOWAY: And you were talking about the content involved in this newsletter, too.

JACOB WYCOFF: Yes, so there's a ton of information that's included in this newsletter. And it currently actually goes out to over 200 people. And if you'd like to sign up for it, head to our website cbsboston.com.

She talks about the different monthly events that you can see, whether it's meteor showers, comet NEOWISE, the conjunction at Christmas time. She's just an incredible girl. And I know the future is going to be very bright for her.

NICK CALOWAY: A seventh grader already becoming an authority on that subject. That is impressive.