Middle Urbana Road improvements move forward

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Aug. 4—Construction on Middle Urbana Road between State Route 334 and Moorefield Road began in July and will continue in three phases over the coming months.

The $2.28 million construction project, expected to span 120 calendar days, includes widening Middle Urbana Road to add a northbound left-turn lane at Sierra Avenue, a southbound left-turn lane at the entrance to Kenton Ridge School, and a southbound left-turn lane at Tehan Court.

The project will also replace the existing storm sewer from Montego Drive to Sierra Avenue and install a new traffic signal at Montego Drive, among other work.

The project's first phase kicked off on July 25. This phase closed the south end of Middle Urbana to through traffic between Ohio 334 and Kenton Ridge High School, between their two drives, according to a Clark County government press release.

Workers will be replacing concrete curb and gutter, drive approaches, storm sewer, asphalt planning, and other paving operations on the south half of Middle Urbana Road throughout the coming weeks, according to the release.

Traffic on the north end is two-lane, two-direction between Moorefield Road and Kenton Ridge, and through traffic is being detoured.

Clark County Assistant Engineer Paul DeButy said on Thursday that the storm sewer portion of the project was near completion.

DeButy said the second phase of the project — which will close the north end of Middle Urbana Road between Kenton Ridge High School and Moorefield Road and include the replacement of curb and gutter and storm sewer, asphalt planning, and other paving operations — is expected to begin in late September.

Traffic on the south end of the road will be two-lane, two-direction between State Route 334 and Kenton Ridge during this phase. Through traffic will be detoured.

The third and final phase of the project will include work to install pavement markings, signage, and more.

The project's completion may be impacted by factors like supply chain issues and weather, DeButy said.

Increased traffic to the Kenton Ridge school area that will result from district consolidation called for the necessity of additional traffic safety features.

A temporary entrance to the student lot has been put in at Kenton Ridge High School to help redirect the traffic flow during school drop-off and pickup and for athletic and other school events, Northeastern Local Schools Supt. John Kronour said in a notice to district families.

"While this isn't a perfect solution, and traffic will be slow-moving during busier school activities, this new traffic pattern will help the project proceed on time," he said.

DeButy said that traffic is open to the school when drivers are approaching from the north end, coming from Moorefield Road.

The Clark County Engineer's Office and Northeastern Local School District were awarded a $1.4 million grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission last year to fund the improvement project. Both entities are providing local matches to the grant.