Middlesex District Attorney Reveals New Details In Death Of Mikayla Miller

Middlesex District Attorney Marian said no cause of death has been determined. WBZ-TV's Louisa Moller reports.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Middlesex County district attorney just provided new details in the death investigation of a 16-year-old Hopkinton girl.

LISA HUGHES: Mikayla Miller was found dead last month. Her mother claims she was murdered. WBZ's Louisa Moller is live in Woburn tonight, with more on what we've just learned. Louisa.

LOUISA MOLLER: Lisa and David, DA Marian Ryan called Mikayla Miller's death an unspeakable tragedy, and said her office still has not reached a conclusion on how the 16-year-old died, even after interviewing dozens of witnesses, reviewing cell phone data and surveillance video. That's in part because the medical examiner still has not reached a cause of death.

The DA did reveal new details about the hours leading up to her death. She said Mikayla Miller and four other teens were involved in an altercation at her Hopkinton apartment complex that turned physical, on Saturday, April 17, and the police were called. Mikayla said she had been punched in the face and pushed.

Later that evening, the health app on Mikayla's phone logged about 1,300 steps, the rough distance from her Hopkinton apartment to the wooded area, where the teen's body was found the next day. Investigators used cell phone evidence and interviews to determine none of the teens from the fight were with Mikayla in that wooded area during the hours she likely died.

But in recent days, Mikayla's mother and the group, Violence In Boston, have planned a vigil for Thursday for Mikayla, and fuel theories that the teen was possibly murdered or bullied to death, possibly because of her race or sexuality. Today, the DA said, this investigation is not over, and any allegations of a cover-up are patently false.

MARIAN RYAN: Make no mistake. There is no truth to the allegation that we have reached a final conclusion. I will repeat that. There should be no mistake that any comments that we have reached conclusions in this case are false. Although we have learned and established some facts, which I will share with you shortly, the most important takeaway from today should be that no final conclusions have yet been reached.

LOUISA MOLLER: Again, a vigil for Mikayla is scheduled for Thursday at the marathon starting line in Hopkinton. And tonight, the town Select Board is holding an emergency meeting in preparation. We're live outside the DA's office in Woburn, Louisa Moller, WBZ News.