Middletown teen who fatally stabbed woman repeatedly violated court orders designed to protect her, records show

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A Middletown High School student accused of stabbing a woman to death Thursday afternoon told police he’d tried to pull the woman out of the car they fought in to “finish the job” before she sped away to a nearby fire department, where emergency personnel tried desperately to save her, new court records show.

The woman had been stabbed at least 10 times, drenched in blood after the brutal attack, and she succumbed to her injuries at Middlesex Hospital despite firefighters’ and paramedics’ efforts, the records released Friday detail.

Eugenio Vela, 18, was located a few blocks away from the scene with blood on his clothes and deep cuts on his right hand after witnesses of the stabbing directed officers to him, records show.

Vela was arrested and charged with murder, first-degree assault and two counts of violating the protective orders judges had previously issued to bar him from making any contact with the woman, according to court records. Neither court records nor police publicly identified the woman, who was described as having a “domestic relationship” with Vela, citing state domestic violence privacy laws. Vela remains in custody on a $1 million bond.

At Superior Court in Middletown Friday prosecutors said Vela had violated those protective orders at least twice before, as recently as May 4.

A month earlier, Vela had threatened to kill the woman during an incident when she awoke to him standing over her screaming, records show.

He was arrested for that April incident, however, he was released from police custody on a promise to appear and had an active warrant for his arrest for the May 4 incident at the time of the murder Thursday, according to prosecutors and court records.

Vela was with the woman again Thursday when she brought him clothes and took him to run errands from his room at the Wesley Inn, where he was staying after he was kicked out of his home, he told police. He got into her car at about 2 p.m. and an apparent argument in the car escalated into a physical altercation.

Several witnesses saw the car stopped in the southbound lanes of East Road and one man saw Vela “wailing” on the woman through the driver’s side window, according to court records

That man saw the woman covered in blood as she sped away and shouted for another person nearby to dial 911. He then yelled at Vela not to hit women, to which Vela responded that the woman had slapped him and then ran off while the witnesses contacted police, records show.

The woman pulled into Westfield Fire District station a few blocks away from the scene, where firefighters and paramedics tried to help her and rushed to call her a LifeStar flight to the hospital as Middletown police swarmed the area.

Vela was found a few blocks away on Ridgewood Road and initially told police the woman had “spazzed” and hit him, so he “did what he had to do” with a small knife that officers recovered near the scene on East Road, records show.

He spoke further with officers after he too was treated at the hospital and told the detectives he believed the woman would stab him with a kitchen knife in the car, but he said he had not seen her with a knife and could not describe it, detectives wrote of his version of the incident. Vela confirmed the knife police had found was the one he used to stab the woman and that he’d intended to kill her, detectives wrote.

After the car stopped on East Road, Vela got out and tried to pull the woman from the vehicle to “finish the job,” but she was stuck in her seatbelt, he told police.

He even considered killing the woman and driving her body directly to the police station, he told police.

Vela had been prohibited from making any contact with the woman since Feb. 4, when a judge issued a restraining order against him, court records show.

But on April 4, the woman reported to police that she awoke in her own home to find Vela standing over her yelling “I’ll slap you” and “I’ll kill you,” according to records of that incident. The screaming went on for 30 minutes and a downstairs neighbor told police he also heard Vela yelling that he would kill the woman.

The woman told officers at the time that Vela suffers from schizophrenia and that she wanted him to get help, according to the police report from that morning. Vela was arrested and charged with second-degree threatening and violation of a protective order, but he was released without a bond on a promise to appear.

Vela is scheduled to return to court June 8 at the Middlesex Judicial District courthouse.

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