Midterms 2018: Early voting by young people up 500% in Texas and Georgia

Tom Embury-Dennis
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    What would cause a 500% increase in young people voting and what party traditionally benefits from young people voting?
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    There are more people between the ages of 18 and 35 than between the ages of 40 through 75. So if the young vote, they can rule. Isn't that how democracy works?
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    My 22 year old Daughter graduates from Texas Tech, December 15th of this year, she an her Friends voted October 22nd. I also early voted October 22nd. There were 3 people in front of me when I voted. Early voting is the way to go.
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    Every state should implement early voting. There is no reason for the voting to just take place on one Tuesday. Voting should be open all week, or two weeks even. Here in Arizona we have early voting from October 10, that's 3 weeks for you to vote. That's how it should be, give those of us with jobs a chance to have our vote, so it's not just the elderly and unemployed stuffing the ballot box.
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    Gila Monster
    I voted early so I didn't have to wait in line. There was nobody voting when I went last week. Took me only two minutes.
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    I'm glad more people are voting early. It's our civic responsibility.
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    Young Millennials and Generation Y voters are voting like never before. Six more days, Go Vote.
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    Vote. But be informed. Don't take media, your professors, or your friends opinions for face value. Research.
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    We have vote by mail in Oregon and it's WONDERFUL! Also, now, the new law states that if you are a citizen of the state of Oregon, you are automatically registered to vote unless you opt out of it! This is the way of the future and the way ALL elections should be conducted. No long lines, no bs stuff like in Dodge City, KS, quick, easy, efficient and the turn out is 40% higher than the national average!!!
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    The US has the lowest voter turnout amongst all of the major nations. It is good to see this number beginning to improve.