This might be the iPad mini upgrade you’ve been waiting for

Chris Smith

Apple surprised potential iPad buyers last year by not offering them the updated iPad mini 3 model they might have been looking for. Instead of bringing iPad Air 2 design features to the smaller iOS tablet, the company just added a Touch ID sensor and extra color options for the iPad mini 3, which didn’t exactly make it a must-have tablet. However, that might change soon, as Apple is apparently working on an iPad mini 4 whose aluminum case has been photographed in the wild, with French publication Nowhereelse posting several images that suggest the 7.9-inch tablet is getting its own iPad Air 2-like design.

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According to these images, the iPad mini 4 is thinner than previous models, likely similar to the iPad Air 2. Furthermore, the case reveals the new tablet will have the same speaker grille on the bottom side as the newest Air, and lacks the mute/lock switch, just like the bigger tablet.

Finally, the case is for a cellular version of the iPad mini 4, considering the big antenna cutout on top, and the visible SIM slot on the right side.

Even though these images look convincing enough, it’s not clear yet when Apple will introduce the smaller redesigned iPad Air 2.

A video and images showing the leaked iPad mini 4 case follow below, with more pictures available at the source link.