This might be why Chiefs’ Orlando Brown says ‘Easy Money University’ during intros

Emily Curiel/

The Chiefs will be making their third appearance on “Sunday Night Football” when they face the Chargers in SoFi Stadium outside Los Angeles on Sunday.

In the first two appearance, Chiefs left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. has caught the attention of fans during the player introductions.

While most players say the name of the college or high school where they played, Brown has said “Easy Money University.”

Here is when he did it at the start of the Chiefs’ game against the Buccaneers on Oct. 2.

And here is the time he did it early in the game against the Titans on Nov. 6.

Many fans were baffled as to why Brown said “Easy Money University” instead of University of Oklahoma, where he played for the Sooners.

Microphones caught Brown saying “easy money” during a 2020 game when he was playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

So perhaps it’s a catchphrase.

It seems likely that this is some sort of endorsement deal for Brown because he tagged DraftKings while retweeting the video of his player introduction ahead of the Titans game.

It’s no certainty that’s the reason, but that does make sense. Now we’ll see if that’s his introduction again for the Chiefs’ “Sunday Night Football” game against the Chargers.