'Mighty' Ducks Take on Dog and Goat on Ohio Farm

An Ohio farmer enjoyed watching some playful battles between a number of her ducks as well as a pet dog and one of her goats, CCTV footage from May 29 shows.

Farmer Tammy Tunison from Oberlin, Ohio, shared the footage to Facebook which shows a number of her ducks taking aim at her pet dog Q, and his goat pal Alex.

“I don’t know what was in the air today but it was making our ducks crazy,” Tunison wrote. “I have never seen them like this and it was hysterical. Maybe it was the 30 mph winds we had all day.”

Tunison regularly films humorous videos of her goats and other pets, posting them to her Hobby Farm Facebook account. Credit: Tammy Tunison via Storyful

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