Migrants take bus to California after arrest for beating NYPD cops outside Times Square shelter: sources

Four of the men freed after allegedly pummeling NYPD cops outside a Times Square shelter have hit the road for California — using fake names to get the tickets — according to police sources.

The men went Thursday to a Catholic church, where they gave officials phony names and concocted a story about needing help to get to the Golden State, the sources said.

The tickets were given to the men and they left the city. Their exact whereabouts were not clear as of Thursday night.

They men had been released without bail after being arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court earlier this week.

“Can they leave? Yes,” a source told the Daily News on Thursday. “If they miss their next court date, then there will be a warrant.

“This goes to what we’ve been saying,” the source added, referring to cops’ outrage that the suspects had been freed.

The Saturday attack happened when cops tried to break up a disorderly group outside the Candler Building on W. 42nd St. near Seventh Ave., surveillance video released by the NYPD shows.

When two cops tried to put a man in a yellow jacket, identified as Yohenry Brito, under arrest they were suddenly attacked by a swarm of people.

Both officers suffered scratches, bumps and bruises in the attack, NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell said.

Arrested at the scene were were Yorman Reveron, 24, Darwin Andres Gomez-Izquiel, 19, Wilson Juarez, 21, and Kelvin Servita Arocha, 19.

A fifth suspect, Jhoan Boada, 22, was apprehended Monday night. On Wednesday, Brito, 24, and Jandry Barros, 21, were also nabbed.

It was not immediately clear which suspects were headed to California.

“I’m not surprised that these so-called asylum seekers fled the city,” said Lou Turco, the president of the Lieutenants Benevolent Association. “We’ve become the catch-and-release city.”

Brito was the only suspect who wasn’t released without bail. A Manhattan Criminal Court judge on Thursday ordered the man held on a $15,000 cash and $50,000 Insurance Company Bond.

Barros was released Thursday night after being held for a number of hours, with prosecutors explaining that they were no longer sure he was the right man.

“The question here is whether the person arrested was even involved,” Manhattan district attorney spokesman Doug Cohen said in a statement. “At this time, there is not sufficient evidence that he is one of the people who committed this terrible act.”

Police believe 12 men total were involved in the assault and are still looking for five of them.