Migrants Cross Back and Forth Over the Rio Grande

Drone footage shot on September 20 shows streams of migrants crossing back and forth over the Rio Grande near Del Rio, Texas.

Auden Cabello, who shot this video, told Storyful some migrants were crossing “from Del Rio to Acuna to buy food”. He also provided footage showing mounted border officers allegedly preventing people from re-entering the United States.

Storyful could not independently confirm the claim, however news outlets reported instances of migrants crossing back to Mexico “to stock up on essentials they say they are not receiving on the American side.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a statement on September 20 requesting the Biden Administration issue an emergency declaration for the Lone Star State due to “the escalating crisis at the Texas-Mexico border.”

The mayor of Del Rio, Bruno Lazano, issued a local disaster declaration on September 17, while the Department of Homeland Security announced a strategy on September 18 that includes deploying 400 additional agents to Del Rio to “ensure that irregular migrants are swiftly taken into custody, processed, and removed from the United States consistent with our laws and policy.” Credit: Auden Cabello via Storyful

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