Mike Evans

Fearless Forecast Week 6: 5 REC 87 YDS 1 TD
Projected Points: 17.2

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: So Mike Evans was contained pretty well by Dallas in the season opener, but he's been outstanding since then, averaging about 19 half point PPR points in his last four games. And, man, was just passing game cooking against Miami. You feel like Tampa Bay could have scored as many points as they wanted.

Now, hopefully Tom Brady's thumb is good to go for Thursday. He's been soaking it in ice and wrapping it ever since the win in week five. But if Brady's fine, Mike Evans, you're gonna play him anywhere as a very high end wide receiver two. Maybe a low end wide receiver one. Not worried about this Eagles secondary. Let's give Evans five catches, 87 yards, and a touchdown.

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