Mike’s Mix: Minneapolis Cider Co.’s ‘Pomologie’

Minneapolis Cider Co. has been turning Minnesota-grown apples into hard cider since 2015. In this week's Mike’s Mix, we’re learning about their “Pomologie” (4:13) WCCO 4 Saturday Morning - April 3, 2021

Video Transcript

- Minneapolis' Cider Co. has been turning Minnesota grown and Midwest grown apples into hard cider since 2015. Through the years, their Northeast Minneapolis home has grown to include indoor pickleball courts and authentic French crepes. Their newest addition is one of a kind spirit, created from their own cider, that's great on its own or as a cocktail mixer. In Mike's Mix this week, we're learning about Minneapolis Cider Co.'s Pomologie.


WHITNEY EVANS: Pomology was basically the next step in exploring what real fruit and botanicals could do. We wanted to go beyond just cider making and use handcrafted Apple brandy, and then bring in more botanicals.

- There's some nuance in cider. There's dry ciders, there's less dry ciders, but at the end of the day, it's still cider, right? So this is cider evolved into more of like a vermouth profile, would you say?

WHITNEY EVANS: No, it's more of a fortified wine. Just because we are using, ours is apple based, and then we're stretching that, versus the traditional grape based.

- Are these designed to drink on their own? That's how I first tried it. I mixed the rose meadow with some Topo Chico sparkling water, and it was honestly really delicious just that way. Is that your intent?

WHITNEY EVANS: All of them should be enjoyed by themselves, and then you can always elevate them with a cocktail, soda water is a great way to bring out various aromatics, and open them up a little bit more. We are working with six within the taproom, and two right now are available for purchase.

- Today, Whitney's mixing three drinks from the tap room menu for us, starting with the Cedar Lake.

WHITNEY EVANS: Here we have, using our [INAUDIBLE], which is our more botanical, it has saffron, rose, cardamom, lavender. It's very floral, light, but still has more of those menthol flavors from cardamom, bay leaf, a little bit of bitterness from angelica. And then we are combining that with a honeydew and honey [? square ?] syrup. An ounce of that, and then we're doing an ounce of lemon juice. And then we are topping it with a little bit of matcha, just for added bitterness.

- Whitney, that looks delicious, just a really great, light, summer sour. What's the second one you have for us?

WHITNEY EVANS: So the next one is a tropical, rich, spice drink. So we actually took honeycrisp apples, and we cooked them for two months in a process similar to blackening garlic, so it's a really cool caramel apple, but still great acid flavor you could have going. We paired that with hibiscus, and then citrus, and then we added our appleseed, which is available for sale outside of the tap room, and then we infuse that with banana, and then added a little bit of smoked, a little bit of wood chips as well to add to that.

- Shaking over ice and garnished with mint leaves and powdered sugar, that's the [INAUDIBLE].

The first tropical weekend of 2021, and the first tropical drink of 2021. What's the third?

WHITNEY EVANS: And the third is with our Amaro, that we just created, and it's still only available in the taproom, but it is using a lot of my favorite richer flavors for Amaro, so we're thinking birch bark, sassafras, we have cocoa nibs, black pepper, a little bit of molasses.

- The drink is further sweetened with real grenadine syrup. That's a simple syrup made with pomegranate juice instead of water. Stir this one over ice, and serve as you would an old fashioned. It's called Diamond.

Three new cocktails, using a new class of spirit from Minneapolis Cider Company.

Links to Minneapolis Cider Co. and Pomology are posted at WCCO.com/links, Jen.