Mike Pence ridiculed for copying Biden's Covid tweet

Gino Spocchia
US vice president Mike Pence on Friday (AP)
US vice president Mike Pence on Friday (AP)

Mike Pence has been ridiculed on Twitter for copying Joe Biden’s statement that “help is on the way” to Americans amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The president-elect, whose inauguration as president comes next month, told Americans that “help is on the way” amid the current health crisis that Donald Trump’s administration has downplayed, despite more than 275,00 deaths.

“My message to everyone struggling right now is this: Help is on the way,” wrote Mr Biden on Tuesday December 1.

Mr Trump’s vice-president, Mr Pence, also used the same statement, as he tweeted prior to a roundtable discussion on Covid-19 vaccines at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday.

“Help is on the way, America!,” wrote Mr Pence on Twitter, in remarks that were soon ridiculed.

Some Twitter users said Mr Pence had “stolen” the phrase from Mr Biden, while others said “help is on the way and his name is Joe Biden.”

Political analyst Bill Kristol said the vice-president was aware that the incoming Biden administration would indeed “help” Americans, with his administration due to leave office in a month’s time, having overseen over 14 million Covid-19 infections - more than any other country in the world.

“What’s ‘on the way’ is of course the Biden presidency. So Pence is signalling his judgement it's good that Trump is on his way out and Biden is on his way in,” wrote Mr Kristol.

Mr Biden used the “Help is on the way” phrase a second time on Tuesday, as he unveiled his economic team, who were billed as “tested and experienced” advisers that could rebuild an economy struck by Covid-19.

The Democrat also criticised the current administration’s response to Covid-19 for creating “the most unequal economic and job crisis in modern history”, in addition to Mr Trump’s reluctance to respond to the recent acceleration in cases.

Mr Biden told CNN on Thursday he expected a “significant reduction” in infections when he assumes office, with plans to ask the American public to wear masks for 100 days - a policy Mr Trump and Mr Pence refused to introduce, despite recommendations from health experts.

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