Mike Pence Vows To End School Shootings, But Twitter Users Seem Skeptical

Vice President Mike Pence promised that the Trump administration would make school shootings a thing of the past, but Twitter users are skeptical. 

Very skeptical.

Pence tweeted out the vow on Thursday in response to a school shooting in Santa Clarita, California, where a gunman killed two students and injured several others with a semiautomatic handgun.

The tweet came paired with another in which he offered thoughts and prayers to the victims.

However, since the National Rifle Association helped elect Donald Trump president in 2016, many Twitter users assumed that Pence’s promise was just empty words.

Some people expressed their frustration visually.

Others wondered if Thursday’s shooting meant the artificial moratorium against talking about gun control out of respect to the victims was now back in effect.

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Another person decided to help out the VP by slightly editing the tweet for accuracy.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misstated that the shooting happened on Wednesday.

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