Mike Pompeo jokes he will be secretary of state until 'Trump tweets me out of office’

Clark Mindock

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says he knows his tenure as America’s chief diplomat is only as fleeting as a tweet.

Mr Pompeo, during an event in Kansas, that was part of global entrepreneurship summit, responded with a joke and praise for Donald Trump when asked how long he might stay in the president’s cabinet.

“I’m going to be in there until he tweets me out of office,” Mr Pompeo said, to laughs.

He continued: “Which, I’m not counting on. At least, [not] today.”

Mr Pompeo, who has as secretary of state overseen a major push towards denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula, continued to praise the president for his management style.

“It has been an enormous privilege to be part of the Trump administration. He is truly a leader who provides guidance to me. He says. ‘Mike this is the direction we want to go'," he said. “It is often times different than what we’ve done before. I think that’s a great thing. It gives us a real opportunity to partner in different ways, and build coalition in different ways.”

But Mr Pompeo’s future as secretary of state has been called into question recently after remarks from the diplomat indicating he would like to move back to Kansas, where he served as a congressman previously for several terms.

Mr Pompeo has reportedly ruled out a potential run to become a senator in the state, but it is believed that he may run to become governor of the state.