Mike Richardson, cornerback on Bears' 1985 Super Bowl team, arrested on suspicion of murder in Phoenix

Colleen Kane, Chicago Tribune

Former Chicago Bears cornerback Mike Richardson, who started for the 1985 Super Bowl championship team, was arrested Wednesday in Phoenix on suspicion of murder.

According to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office records, Michael Calvin Richardson, 59, was arrested on one count of murder in the second degree, one count of possession of a dangerous drug for sale and one count of possession of a weapon by a prohibited person.

ABC-15 in Phoenix (KNXV-TV) first reported that it was the same Richardson who played for the Bears and said he was arrested in connection with the shooting death of Ronald Like, 47, who was found shot and died later Tuesday morning.

Richardson, known as L.A. Mike in his playing days and a featured figure in the Super Bowl Shuffle video, played six of his seven NFL seasons with the Bears. He totaled 20 interceptions, including four and a return touchdown during the 1985 season.

But a Chicago Tribune story from 2011 detailed a troubled life after his retirement following the 1989 season. At that time, Richardson had been convicted 21 times on drug offenses.

He said then he had moved back to Chicago and was a changed man.

“Some of the negative things I did were almost five years ago,” he said. “I am a different person today and I would hope fans or the public would move forward because I am a good example of transforming one’s life.”

ABC-15 reported Phoenix police arrested Richardson twice in 2020 on alleged drug possession, and he also had a 2018 arrest for alleged theft and possession of meth, crack cocaine and heroine.