Mike Williams keeps delivering

After a big performance against the Chiefs, this week's renaissance man is Mike Williams. Liz Loza and Matt Harmon explain why.

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Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: The Chargers managed to beat the Chiefs, which means a lot more in real football than it does in fantasy. But it was still one heck of a game for fantasy managers. Both of these quarterbacks really-- it was a show. It was almost 300 yards passing for Herbert, four touchdowns. The Mike Williams Renaissance is real. He went off for two scores plus 122 yards, converting seven of nine.

MATT HARMON: The Mike Williams thing continues. I mean, it's just a perfect role for him. I've always wanted him to be in a role like this. Because he's a great vertical threat. But he has some route capabilities on shorter patterns to be-- throw that guy curl routes. Throw that guy out routes. He can run those classic X receiver routes. And we've seen that through these first couple of weeks. And it's beautiful too that it's not coming at the expense of any of our typical Chargers studs. Keenan Allen gets in the end zone, still sees 12 targets, catches eight balls. Love that.

Austin Ekeler still has a great receiving role. He found the end zone as well through the air, six targets, six catches. Boom. We love it. But yeah. Mike Williams, with an average depth of target of 9.2 in this game, his ADOT has stayed at a very stable level to the point that, yeah, when you want him to, he can absolutely make those big contested plays down the field because he's such a long strider.

But I mean, he's just always gotten a bad rep because of he was drafted so high and he's been injured. And I mean, I guess you're still kind of just hoping the other shoe doesn't drop there. But overall, I mean, Williams has always been a very talented receiver. And now it seems like he is truly rounding into form, mostly because this coaching staff has not pigeonholed him into a deep threat role as it seemed like the previous coaching staff kind of had. I mean, especially working with Philip Rivers the last few years of his career, it's like he was just getting those deep shot lollipops from Rivers' shot arm.

So yeah. It's great to see Mike Williams in this role. And I think it's sustainable too. I don't think he's a sell high. I don't think he's somebody you should stop trusting. He's a wide receiver playing a perfect role for him in an offense attached to Justin Herbert. Don't overthink it. That's the type of thing you want in fantasy.

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