From the Milan runway: Giorgio Armani

Softness, elegance and femininity at Giorgio Armani. Paris Modes TV's editor in chief Sophie de Champsavin shared her impressions on the presentation.

In this new collection, the designer plays with detachable collars which are found on the top of a jacket, and around a top. The silhouette is fluid, and tailoring dominates. The trouser is the focus. They are worn loosely, and high-waisted with a wrap skirt effect worn over the top. The bottom of a tuxedo is paired with a belt arriving just under the bust and matched with sparkly and embroidered tops.

The soft tones vary between light blue, pastel green, and powdered violet. Jackets are worn like a second skin, or you can choose these huge fringed shawls. Several dresses at the end are colored in intense pink. A wardrobe comprised of the infinite basics with which Giorgio Armani is ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his house this year.