Mild, dry stretch continues in New Hampshire

Kevin Skarupa discusses a dry stretch before the next rain chance.

Video Transcript

KEVIN SKARUPA: A lot of sunshine expected, as we go through the next three afternoons. And with it, temperatures running 10, 15 degrees above the average for this time of year. We're looking at the coolest readings over the next three afternoons to be right along the shoreline, which is mid and upper 50s today, near 60 tomorrow, and in the lower range of the 60s for the day on Saturday.

Inland sections-- 60's or a bare minimum. One or two western spots could reach 70 tomorrow. There could be a couple of inland sections also reaching 70 tomorrow afternoon, and then a few more a possibility on Saturday.

All of this with partly to mostly sunny skies before clouds start to increase later Saturday night and into Sunday. Doesn't really give us a good indication on the computer maps whether it will be a needed steady rain on Sunday or if it will just be some showers starting to push in. Either way, we do know that we'll have several shower chances in the first half of next week.

We're not sure if any of those will be locally heavy. But at least the odds are that they won't be. And it does look like there will be cooler temperatures coming with it.

As a matter of fact, we start Sunday with temperatures in the 50s. And that's where we'll stay. Much closer to the averages for this time of year for the first half of next week.