Mild Sunday Ahead Of Arctic Front Arriving Monday

Meteorologist Chris Spears has your forecast.

Video Transcript

- --to have that, man. I've got to have my peaches this summer.

CHRIS SPEARS: Fingers crossed that they get just the right conditions over there to keep that crop safe. Here's a live view, looking back toward the front range, a stunning view of our mountains this morning with mostly clear skies across Colorado, a little bit chilly in some areas. Linda Hess is a little chilly over there in Crested Butte, 14 degrees at her house. On the Southwest side of Lakewood here in Metro Denver, George Smith is 33 degrees. We're 30 in Akron and Lamar, 20 in Avon, 14 in Craig, and 23 this morning in Telluride.

This is the story. We have a cold front just about to cross the Canadian border. It will be coming into Colorado tomorrow afternoon. If you want to download our free app, you can track this in real time with the radar and satellite. Snow will develop behind this cold front. And we call it an arctic front because it is going to bring some near-record cold air for this time of the year.

Windy with this front as well. Tomorrow, a wind advisory for Northwestern Colorado, where gusts could be up to 50 miles per hour. And then a large part of the western slope under a red flag warning tomorrow because of the continued drought. The wind and the warmth, you will have elevated fire danger.

Here closer to the front range, our northern foothills, Larimer County, Boulder County, the peak to peak highway, for instance, you are under a winter storm watch. A watch means watch the forecast. It's not set in stone. But it's looking like 8 to 14 inches of snow will be possible. That would include Rocky Mountain National Park.

Here's Futurecast. Just some mid and high-level clouds coming through here today. Great to get outside and have some fun. Tomorrow, watch the top of your screen. After 12 o'clock, that cold front will race in here with a little light rain quickly changing to snow. And we expect snow to last all night and into early Tuesday.

This is primarily a front range weather event. There'll be a little bit of weather in the mountains. But this is mostly the urban corridor and the adjacent foothills.

Show you the snow total forecast. There's that bull's eye up around Larimer County, possibly a foot or more around Estes Park. In Metro Denver, we're thinking 3 to 6 inches, with higher totals in the foothills and on the south side of town. Maybe 6 to 8, places like Evergreen, Castlerock, on up toward Nederlands. So definitely a big change coming.

Enjoy this today, 50s and 60s east and west. 40s and low 50s in the high country. Here's your five-day forecast. We'll be down to the teens Monday night into Tuesday with that snow. Justin if you've hooked up your garden hose, you'll want to get that disconnected ASAP before this cold snap arrives. But then we'll get a little warming trend once it moves out of here Tuesday. And look at this. By next weekend, we might give you some 70s to warm you up.

- See? You just put a smile on my face. I like that part. Thank you so much.