Turning mostly cloudy with shower later

Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with a late shower possible, but we'll remain mild with temperatures reaching the upper 60s.

Video Transcript

- Boy, Jeff, the sun is just dying to make an appearance out there. I can see. It's like, I'm really here.

JEFF SMITH: Yes, sometimes people forget there's that ball of glowing gas in the sky. And we see it, finally, this afternoon. A lot of sunshine out there over New York City. Parts of Long Island still kind of cloudy. And there will be some areas that remain cloudy or some areas that get sunnier during the afternoon. The temperature right now, 54. Wind is coming in from a northerly direction. We've lost that easterly component to the wind that we had yesterday that kept us socked in with all the moisture. Unfortunately, that will be returning, though, starting tomorrow night. That unsettled weather pattern returns, tomorrow night, lasting right into Thursday, right into Friday, as well. Periods of rain and very chilly air.

And it could get so chilly in the highest elevations, some wet snow is a possibility in the highest elevations of the Poconos and the Catskills. Mid 50s, right now, in and around the five Boroughs. We have more in the way of sunshine. 61 at Morristown and more cloud cover over Long Island, keeping things a little bit cooler, lower to middle 50s, from Islip to Montauk. And you see that, here, on the radar satellite. More cloud cover from New York City and points east. And more sunshine off to the west. So that distribution may remain intact right through the afternoon hours.

But temperatures, I think, still get into the lower 60s across the vast majority of the area, maybe some middle 60s West of New York City. Overnight, tonight, into the day tomorrow, clouds generally increasing across the entire area. You can't rule out a spotty shower tomorrow afternoon. I think it'll be the exception rather than the rule. And because of that, I think temperatures are still allowed to get up into the middle and upper 60s. By later on tomorrow night, though, these showers become much more widespread and evolve into a steadier rain by Thursday morning.

And look at this. By later Thursday, some cold air tries to wrap into this system. And that change things over to snow, Thursday night, early Friday morning, over parts of the Catskills, maybe a slushy coating to an inch in those areas. Can you believe it? Air quality is going to be good this afternoon. UV index is a four, which is moderate. And maple, juniper, and alder pollen are on the moderate to high side. Accuweather forecast, milder with intervals of clouds and sun, this afternoon, depending on where you are. That high getting up to about 62. Partly cloudy tonight. Down to 49 tomorrow. Variably cloudy, mild, you can't rule out a spotty shower in the afternoon. That high still getting up to 67 degrees, about seven degrees above normal for this time of the year.

Showers show up in full force tomorrow night. Especially after midnight. And then that, again, evolves into a steadier rain on Thursday, which we're calling an Accuweather alert day. It's going to be a breezy, rainy, raw day, that high only getting up to about 53. It's Thursday night. We got to watch those areas. Highest elevations, again, well north and west. They can mix with and even change over to a period of wet snow.

Chilly and kind of damp on Friday. I think if we get some steady rain, it's mainly during the morning hours, maybe just kind of cloudy in the afternoon. Look at the high Friday. Only 50. And then turning much milder again over the weekend, sunshine returns. Could be some rain returning by later Sunday and especially into Monday. We'll send it back over to you.