Milder but still below normal today.

WLKY meteorologist Susanne Horgan checks out your weekend weather.

Video Transcript

- Hi, I'm WLKY Meteorologist Suzanne Horgan. Temps for today are going to be significantly warmer than they were yesterday. Yesterday, of course, we had a record low maximum temperature of 57 degrees. That broke that previous record that was set back in 1984-- 59 degrees. Dry skies for today and tomorrow, increasing rain chances, however, by midweek.

So it looks like we're going to hold on to a little bit more in the way of cloud cover, especially for our far eastern communities as we head throughout the day-- still not a bad day, but your temperatures may be held down just to touch with highs in the upper-60s. As we make our way throughout your Monday, we're going to watch for some passing clouds-- we'll call it a mixture of clouds and sunshine throughout the day. We should stay dry on Monday.

On Tuesday, we'll be on the lookout for increasing cloud cover and the risk of some light rain. Then we stay very unsettled as we head into midweek. For today, though, 71 degrees, below normal temperatures, with dry skies prevailing. You'll notice as we take a look at the next couple of days, we are dry-- Memorial Day at 77 degrees, 80 degrees on Tuesday, on Wednesday, 78 degrees, a 40% chance of showers and storms Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We may have to add in the risk of some additional rain on Saturday.